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About The Company

JAZiOTM is a privately held intellectual property and patent licensing company formed in 1998. JAZiO technology includes fundamental patents in the digital signal switching area to extend single-ended parallel signaling to higher per pin bandwidth at a lower voltage. The international patent portfolio is protected by more than 10 US patents, with patents in all the major countries of the world.

JAZiO  technology is a digital signal switching technique that uses differential sensing but requires only a single pin per signal. A shared differential pair of voltage and timing reference makes the eye at the JAZiO receiver comparable to differential signaling. The bigger eye can be used to increase the per pin bandwidth, or reduce swing at lower interface voltage, or increase the number of loads while using the standard packages and printed circuit board technologies.

The benefits of JAZiO technology in some of the key components of the semiconductor industry are:

  • Commodity DRAM - Higher per pin bandwidth at lower voltage on a multi-drop bus using existing package and module technology.
  • Graphics DRAM - Highest per pin bandwidth with wide interface while maintaining compatibility with commodity DRAM.
  • Flash memory - Low voltage interface to share a common bus with commodity DRAM
  • CPU - Multi-chip module using multi-core CPU's for lower cost and earlier product introduction.
  • System-In-Package (SIP) - Multiple chips of different process technologies connected with high bandwidth and low voltage interface for low power and small form factor solutions.